Networks Central

Leverage Global Networks For Personal & Organizational Success

There’s no avoiding it – Networking will ultimately impact your ability to succeed in the global marketplace. In The Global LABB you will connect with and leverage leaders worldwide…
Look at issues in new and unique ways, as your group of Trusted Advisors bring cross-industry, cross-cultural perspectives that offer you new ways of looking at your business… and the world. Through our virtual roundtables, you have the opportunity to interact with top business leaders who add value to your business through the discussion and debate of critical challenges facing your business today… and into the future.

Network Central is a one of a kind networking experience! Join leaders from around the world to engage in unique virtual experiences that will facilitate the birth of new ideas and organizational change…ensuring continuous learning and growth every step of the way:

You are a successful leader… and now it is time to Pay It Forward. Become a leader that has true impact not only for the organization, but for the high potential leaders within it! The Mentor’s Roundtable is all about leveraging the knowledge you have to help make someone else successful, as well as incorporating the knowledge of your trusted advisors to become the best Mentor possible.

The Legacy Club provides a proactive venue for leaders worldwide to consider and solidify their legacy. You’ve already proven yourself to be a forward thinker… but do you regularly think of others and the legacy you will leave behind? Do you think about the fact that leaving something meaningful behind for those who come later has significant organizational and individual value? As leaders, we should all be actively pursuing our legacy all day, every day…start building (or expanding) your legacy of leadership today with The Legacy Club.

In The CXO Roundtable, we bring CXO’s from around the world, across industries, together virtually for the first time for an invigorating exchange of information, ideas and insights. Via time zone coordinated video-conferencing, you will develop a group of trusted advisors that are committed to focusing on CXO-level issues and the challenges and pressures unique to top-level management.

Global Team Leader Roundtable?