Executive Education

Increase Your Opportunities For Success With Executive Education

Ongoing education is a critical success factor to your growth as a leader, but it can be very difficult to find relevant education sources that will accelerate your career. Not if you have access to Executive Education resources in The Global LABB…

As you continue to work year on year, Executive Education becomes a critical component to your ability to continue to accelerate your career. Often, leaders stop pursuing education as they proceed up the corporate ladder – time becomes precious and you find yourself investing in others far more that yourself.

Despite this, research repeatedly tells us, those professionals that continue to grow and develop themselves are the leaders that have the most impact across their organization. Because we understand how difficult it can be to find mechanisms to facilitate your own growth, we are committed to continually offering you opportunities to grow – in a multitude of ways:

In The Resource Center access the information you are always looking for, but never seem to be able to find when you need it:

If you do not have time or budget to attend a full-blown advanced leadership course, but you are committed to continuing your professional growth, The Global LABB offers access to live-teach workshops and seminars around the world. Take advantage of our excellent workshops focused on leadership development…
For those leaders that can not take time away from work and prefer an auditory form of learning, we offer a wide array of Podcasts that you can listen to at the office or outside of work – learning when and where you want to without having to travel or attend live-teach courses.
By participating in Executive Education Programs you will increase your ability to focus, leverage best practices and understand how to best influence people to generate the best business results possible in today’s constantly changing environment. Research on outstanding organizations has proven that those who invest in their people — including their leadership – reap the greatest rewards.
This is where you have the unique opportunity to learn and gain insight from some of the most noted experts in global business! The best part is, if you are a member, these incredible, interactive experiences are available to you on a monthly basis. Not only can you learn from world renowned experts, you will have dedicated time to ask questions and explore the topic at hand a little deeper with someone who can offer exceptional perspective that could change the way you do business.