Membership Benefits

Explore the many benefits of joining the GLABB community.

What Are The Benefits Of A Global LABB Membership?

The Global LABB is a powerful tool to help you navigate the many resources available to you, but rarely accessible in a convenient, one-stop location.

The Global LABB is based on the concept that leaders have three ongoing needs: Connection. Education. Information. If you successfully integrate these three elements into your professional life, your career will accelerate.

Whether you need to expand your network, engage in professional development or have the information you need when you need it – The Global LABB is full of resources ready to support your professional growth and development.

Global LABB: Communication. Education. Information.

The focus is always on you, your organization and your empowerment. The Global LABB is designed to facilitate every leader’s personal and organizational Growth.


Individual Membership

Corporate Membership

The Global LABB is a one-of-a-kind, Dynamic Leadership Development Platform that puts you in the right place to connect, learn and find information to accelerate organizational growth… and your career. Leaders who invest in professional development through continuous learning come out on top every time – personally and professionally! In The Global LABB, we meet your leaders where they are – whether they’re a new supervisor or a seasoned executive, we have programs, services and resources designed to ensure your valued employees get exactly what they need… when they need it most.
Your Membership Includes Access To: Your Corporate Membership Includes Access For Leaders At All Levels To All Of The Individual Benefits Of The Global LABB, Plus:
  • The Proprietary Mentor Connect Program
  • World-Class Leadership Coaches
  • Global Networking Platforms Connecting You To Insight, Knowledge And Expertise… And Across The World.
  • The Extreme Global Leader Micro-Site
  • Diagnostic Leadership Development Assessments
  • Proprietary Leadership Toolkits
  • Extensive Leadership Tools & Resources
  • Cutting-edge Global Business R&D, Providing Cutting Edge Research On Management And Leadership Topics Worldwide
  • Pre-vetted, Pre-screened Leadership Educational Resources
  • A Current Calendar Of Focused Leadership And Management Events Around The World
  • Proprietary Global Business Webinars Delivered By World-Class Experts
  • Pre-screened, Previewed Webinars And Podcasts
  • Pre-screened, Pre-approved Library Of The Very Best Management And Leadership Books, Articles And Blogs
  • A Library Of Resources To Develop Both Individual And Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Exclusive Discounts In The Global LABB Marketplace
  • The Opportunity To Contribute To Providing Clean Water Around The World Through Your Membership Investment
  • Controlled T&D Budgets
  • Organizational Professional Development Resources
  • A Proven Mentoring Program…Ready To Deploy On A Global Scale
  • A Global Network Of World-Class Executive Coaches Available Worldwide To Partner With Your Most Valued Leaders
  • Global Networking On A Single Platform
  • Leadership Assessment, Feedback and Action Plan Availability
  • Proprietary Leadership Toolkits Focused On New Supervisors, Managers, Virtual Team Leaders and Executive Legacy Development
  • Extensive Leadership Tools & Resources
  • Continually Updated, Unlimited, pre-vetted Education Resources
  • Customized, Proprietary Leadership Development Webinars