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LABB & What We Offer

The Global LABB is a new, unique platform to target the very challenges that leaders worldwide face every day and provide viable solutions that will actually save time, money and energy for everyone engaged – while at the same time providing leaders worldwide with the opportunity to accelerate their valuable careers.

It is a membership organization that invests in the professional development of leaders worldwide, providing the opportunity for every leader to reach their fullest ensuring they reach their full potential. Through our unique platform, networking experiences, exclusive training programs,leadership articles and blogs, screened education resources and global events, and so much more, we facilitate your ability to generate tangible results in your career and for your business.

We, in The Global LABB, believe that with the right CONNECTION, EDUCATION & INFORMATION every leader has the ability to create sustainable results that will drive ultimate success.

Our Values

Join The Global LABB and we will empower you to strive for a better YOU. The more you participate, the more you will find your potential expanding beyond what you ever thought possible. Through sharing and engaging in professional relationships around the world, you will learn from others experiences; which will motivate you to invest in yourself and others to achieve your goals. In making this investment and seeing the CHANGE you will be an inspiration to others and yourself and the cycle will continue…In The Global LABB We Are Committed To:

• Conducting Business With Honesty And Integrity As A Top Priority And Helping Leaders Worldwide To Do The Same.

• Treating People Fairly And With Respect.

• Giving A Portion Of What We Earn To Make Others Lives Better (Corporate Social Responsibility).

• Creating And Maintaining Exceptional Value In Everything We Do.

• Drawing Upon The Knowledge And Wisdom Of The Global Collective Intellect To Continually Develop The Whole

• Believing That All People, Across All Cultures, Are Inherently Creative, Courageous, And Have Unlimited Potential.

• The Knowledge That Exceptional Global Business Growth And Performance Are Accessible With A Commitment To Hard Work, Integrity, And The Belief That Everyone, From Every Culture, Has Significant Value To Add.

• The Wisdom That Relationships Drive Success On Every Level – Interpersonal, Intercultural, And Organizational.

Our Story
Read the story behind the LABB HERE.
Membership Value

The Global LABB provides an authentic source of connection, education and information within a relevant and reliable platform. We filter information so that you are only exposed to education and information sources that will truly benefit you, while at the same time having the unique opportunity to expand your reach, connecting with leaders from all industries, nationalities, countries and cultures – establishing successful relationships, obtaining resources, advice and inspiration, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our exclusive, proprietary online webinars, featuring noted experts from the international business world, support the growth of those leaders wanting to accelerate their careers – adding valuable knowledge, insight and expertise to the ever expanding arsenal of tools you have available to you through The Global LABB.

The Global LABB was created to connect you to leaders worldwide in ways that have not previously been leveraged for individual success. For example, Mentoring has historically been done within the four walls of the organization, with a senior person mentoring a junior person – and it often doesn’t work, for a variety of reasons. We have created a virtual mentoring platform that not only creates a virtual space for you to participate in cross-industry, cross-cultural mentoring, we have developed a fully guided, facilitated mentoring program called Mentor Connect that guides you through the entire process to ensure you have a positive mentoring experience from anywhere in the world.”

Similarly, we have created unique platforms for you to connect through virtual Roundtable forums that currently exist only as live meeting groups that cost tens of thousands of dollars a year to belong to, with you traveling to different locations only to get exposure to only local resources. Now, for only the cost of your membership, you can remain in the office or at home, invest significantly less time, discuss critically important challenges to your specific business with trusted advisors from all over the world, gathering unique perspectives from cross-industry and cross-cultural perspectives that you can take back and leverage in your business. Now that’s value!

In addition to providing unique connection resources, we in effect filter the internet for the very best sources of leadership information so that we can save you the pain of trying to find the relevant, useful information you need, but can never seem to put your hands on in a timely manner. We provide useful tools, assessments, articles, recommended readings (that come from sources that have actually read the content), the best leadership blogs and global conferences. In addition, we evaluate and recommend the very best executive education sources, workshops, webinars, and podcasts.

If that is not enough, we also offer social media forums for you to discuss and debate important business opportunities and challenges with your peers in your membership level!


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Our Team

Lead by Sheri Mackey The Global Coach, our team works together to bring you the most innovative virtual programs and the most comprehensive education and information sources available for global leaders worldwide.

Individual Membership

Offering four levels of membership, we offer services design to meet you where you are and help you move to the next stage of your career and beyond!

Corporate Membership

With a focus on bringing the people within your company the opportunity to obtain continual connection, education and information in addition to the resources you currently provide them, The Global LABB offers expanded professional development opportunities for your employees that will ultimately generate exceptional business results for you. We provide Corporate Membership packages to suit your specific needs and requirements. These packages provide the skills, tools, direction and support required for developing confident and charismatic leaders within your organization as well as key opportunities for connecting your business globally reaching thousands of leaders worldwide.

Our Network

Our unique networking experience provides the opportunity for members to host their own professional profile, belong to multiple groups, maintain their favorite links, communicate via internal email accounts and online discussion forums, connecting with leaders worldwide within our unique environment designed specifically for business leaders.

Our convenient and comprehensive networking platform ensures easy engagement that is reliable and resourceful 24/7.With new content every month, Inside The LABB Webinars, Monthly Roundtables, articles and blogs, recommended readings, and so much more; we provide endless possibilities for furthering your ongoing professional growth and development.