Corporate Social Responsibility

Clean water is the catalyst for sustainable economic growth.

For The Global LABB, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is practical and very real. It’s sometimes easy, but more often than not CSR is inconvenient – but still very necessary. It speaks to our ability to use our position of influence and relative wealth and power to affect lives for the better. Corporate Social Responsibility is singular and achievable. It is synonymous with The Global LABB. We have been involved for years with charitable organizations, often even making the journey to help those in need ourselves.

We are passionate about the fact that we have a social responsibility to take care of those less fortunate than ourselves – wherever they may be around the world. We believe that CSR is not only central to our ability to succeed in the marketplace, but also to ensuring we have a positive, responsible influence on the world around us. To this end, we have adopted a global CSR framework to align and drive our commitment to making a significant contribution to ensure the world becomes a better place for everyone.

Our commitment to people extends to communities in need across the world. In deciding how we could make the biggest impact in The Global LABB, we quickly realized that clean water is something we all need – it is a catalyst for economic
growth and prosperity… everywhere.

We know from personal experience that one sure way to make a difference is through WATER. After the 2010 earthquake hit in Haiti, we were on the ground trying to make a difference in a very desperate situation. The devastation was horrible, but what happened next created a health crisis we could have never imagined – an outbreak of Cholera that resulted from unclean water sources. Suddenly, an already desperate situation became even more deadly. We all watched helplessly as men, women and children that typically survive on less than one cup of unclean water each day, fell to this deadly disease. The spread of the disease was rapid, rampant and uncontrollable with very few clean water sources available. Yes, we learned first hand how important clean water truly is…

Through clean water and learned sanitation practices, we cannot only reduce horrible disease outbreaks like we witnessed in Haiti, but also make a real difference by being directly responsible for saving lives! In The Global LABB, we recognize the value of water as a fundamental social, environmental and economic resource. As a global company, we know that access to sufficient clean water is essential for the health and development of communities worldwide.

Just by being a part of The Global LABB, you are contributing in a very real way to making a difference in people’s lives – not just in your home country, but around the world!

Water is our cause. If we want to end the water crisis in our lifetime, we all need to come together to invest in solutions that will make a real and sustainable difference in people’s lives. It’s not just about water; it’s about expert partners, sustainability, education and community empowerment.

In The Global LABB, we are committed to making a difference in the world through the provision of clean water and hygiene education. As such, we have committed 10% of all membership dues to our partner, Generosity Water, so we can, together, make a direct contribution to clean water around the world.

Generosity Water strengthens communities through the provision of clean water and education in the areas of good sanitation and hygiene. We know that, with your monthly contribution, sponsoring water projects will change the lives of people around the world. Together, we can make a real difference!

Visit the Generosity Water website for more information.

In The Global LABB, we believe that a company culture based on core values not only helps our business, but also defines the role that we can and should play in society. We have developed what we believe is a thoughtful, comprehensive
approach to CSR that we believe aligns with our values and maximizes the impact we can make as a global enterprise. We focus on water because we believe it is essential to life and is the biggest opportunity available to truly make a difference in people’s lives… and in our world. It is always our goal to:

Through becoming a member of The Global LABB, you are creating positive change in the world. By supporting water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions you will contribute to:

Unsafe water and the lack of basic sanitation causes 80% of all sickness and disease in the world. By investing in clean water alone, young children around the world can gain more than 413 million days of health!

The Investment

It costs $4,000 to sponsor a hand-dug well. Hand-dug wells are built in areas where ground water is close to the surface and can be reached by digging.

It costs $10,000+ to sponsor a drilled well.Drilled wells are needed when clean water is far underground. They cost more because they require trucks, drill teams, and more materials.

For every well we invest in, The Global LABB will be recognized as the project sponsor. Generosity Water is committed to being accountable with every dollar we contribute to clean water. The goal is to go above and beyond – reporting back with photos, videos, and detailed information about the people and communities that have clean water as a result of our contribution.

Since everyone can’t physically go visit the wells, we will utilize technology to bring the smiles of the people and the stories back to you in The Global LABB whenever possible. We will always publish the detailed reports of the projects we fund through Generosity Water, as well as photos of the wells we are responsible for creating – including pictures of the previous water source, the new well, and the people in the community that are now drinking clean water because of your generosity!

Adding It Up: The Return

Every $1 we invest through The Global LABB in improved water supply and sanitation can yield from $4 to $12 for the local economy, depending on the type of project. But more important than the economic impact is the impact you can have on personal lives and communities in desperate need of clean water.

As we have personally witnessed in Haiti and in Africa, even in regions prone to natural disasters, water infrastructure has proven to be a smart investment – often reducing flood damage or disease rates among survivors. Clean water transforms lives, communities and generations – and at a surprisingly low cost. Just $20 can provide clean water for one person. Join us and we will donate 10% of your membership dues every month to Generosity Water to provide clean water to communities worldwide!